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Hello! My name is Dejan, I'm a results-driven freelance software developer with a Master's in Electrical Engineering / Computer Science & Information Technology.

With more than 15 years of hands-on experience in software development, I specialize in transforming concepts into powerful digital solutions tailored to elevate your business.

Dejan Antanasković
15+ Years
Marienstraße 68, 21073 Hamburg, Germany


Java | Spring Boot


API | Microservices


React | NextJS


PHP | WordPress


PostgreSQL/PostGIS | MySQL


GIS | Mapping


Mobile Apps | iOS | Android


SEO | Optimization



Software Engineer

Freelance | 2023 - current

Empowering Your Business with Cutting-Edge Technology :)

Software Engineer

Robots Expert Finland | 2021 - 2023

GIS software development (Java, React) for medical drones routing calculation. GIS data and metadata management. Fully remote position.

Software Developer | Research Assistant

Hamburg University of Technology | 2006 - 2020

Java software development (geospatial modelling and simulation), GIS data and metadata management, systems (Linux, Solaris) and database (PostgreSQL, MySQL) administration.

Participating in national and international research projects.

Chief Network and Systems Administrator | Head of IT Department

Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade | 2002 - 2006

Coordinating a technical support team. Configuring and maintenance of Faculty's LAN and WAN equipment (Cisco routers & switches, VLANs), Windows 2003 Active Directory, DNS, DHCP.

Network Administrator

Governmental Geodetic Authority of Serbia | 2000 - 2002

Network and systems administration; participating in programming department, took part in designing the E-Cadastre of Real Estates of Serbia.


Back End Solutions

Hands-on experience in building backend systems, enterprise-level applications, and optimizing performance for seamless user experiences. From RESTful APIs to microservices architecture, I've successfully implemented diverse solutions.

Web / Front End Solutions

My proficiency in front-end web technologies, particularly React/NextJS and Thymeleaf combined with Bootstrap, Tailwind or Material UI, is marked by the creation of captivating user interfaces. I leverage the latest trends and tools to deliver web applications that not only meet but exceed user expectations.

Mobile Apps Development

I specialize in crafting cross-platform applications using Flutter and Dart. From conceptualization to deployment, I ensure a seamless and consistent user experience across various devices.

GIS & Spatial Data

Navigating the realm of GIS, I have developed custom mapping applications and spatial analysis tools. My expertise enables businesses to harness the power of location-based data.

Some of my works

  • All
  • Web
  • Mobile

Football Matches & Predictions

Mobile application for Football / Soccer matches overview, preditions, results and standings overview

  • Sleak design and great performance
  • Multi-lingual (English, German, French, Spanish, Portugese)
  • Real-time updates
  • API calls to cloud-based back-end web service | developed by me as well :)
  • AdMob ads integrated

Under the hood: Back-end web service for aquiring football odds, results, standings and results prediction. Serving data to mobile application via REST API.

Technology stack

  • Mobile Application: Flutter | Dart | Android Studio
  • Back-End API: Java | Spring Boot
  • Back-End Database: MongoDB
  • Back-End Web Server: Apache | HTTPS

Google Play Store

Football Matches & Predictions

Ark Books

Fully functional online bookstore / antique store

  • Multi-lingual (Croatian, Serbian, English, German)
  • Online shopping with integrated card payment and e-mail confirmation
  • SEO optimization
  • Synchronisation with retail store sellings (important for rare and antique items)
  • Automated discounts management
  • Intelligent caching & database indexing for best performance

Under the hood: Separate web application for books warehouse management and maintenance, customer support, shopping orders management & shipping preparation.

Technology stack

  • Java | Spring Boot
  • Thymeleaf



Ark Books
CE Routing App

Address georeferencing and delivery routes management

Complex REST API for delivery address geo-location and delivery routes calculation; web application for spatial routes creation and management.

Client is leading Serbian courier service delivery company City Express.

  • Browser-based spatial routes creation and editing
  • Routes as polygons and polylines | conforming to OGC standards
  • Integrated Geoserver for tiles and features serving | WMS, WFS
  • Open Street Map integration
  • User authentication and authorization

Technology stack

  • Web Application: React
  • Back-End Web Service & API: Java | Spring Boot | Microservices
  • Back-End Spatial Database: PostgreSQL | PostGIS
  • Back-End Web Server: Apache | HTTPS
CE Routing Web App

City Express mobile app

Official mobile application for leading Serbian courier service delivery company

  • Sleak design and great performance
  • News synchronisation with company website
  • API calls to back-end server | Parcel status check | Pickup orders
  • SMS Verification

Under the hood: Back-end REST API server proxying mobile app with company's business systems.

Technology stack

  • Mobile Application: Flutter | Dart
  • Back-End API: Java | Spring Boot
  • Back-End Web Server: Apache | HTTPS

Google Play Store

City Express

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